2012 Short Film Of The Year Awards – The Final Cut (Top 6 finalists)

2012 Short Film Of The Year Awards – The Final Cut (Top 6 finalists)

Kayak Session Magazine Best Short Film of the Year Awards – The final cut announced!…

For the second time, Kayak Session magazine will award the ‘Best Short Film of the Year Awards’.

This clip is this year’s FINAL CUT – the top 6 finalists – !

And the finalists are…

Entry #34 – Congo, The Grand Inga Project – by Steve Fisher
Entry #16 – Black Canyon, The Next Generation – by: Cloud Level Media
Entry #48 – Best of Bomb Flow – by Evan Garcia & Fred Norquist
Entry #03 – Breathless in Chile – by Nigel Markey & Sam Markman
Entry #17 -The Royal Flush – by Evan Garcia
Entry #13 – Unknown: Aniol Serrasolses – By Tino Specht

Selected among the 51 entries sent since january 2012 – The Best Short Film Award winners, will be announced at the end of the year.
(Criteria for the selection are cinematography, editing, image quality, story telling, creativity, and off course kayak performance.)

Judges panel made of professional filmakers, professional photographers, and whitewater professionals: Scott Lindgren (Usa), Jed Weingarten (Usa), Goran Langgard (Norway), Olaf Obsommer (Germany), Ola Keul (Norway), Panu Lehti (Finland), Gerry Moffatt (Scotland), Philippe Doux (France), Whitney Lonsdale (Usa)

watch all entries at www.kayaksession.com/best-short-film-awards-2012.php