Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3: The cast reflects on being a real family behind the scenes of

One of the central themes of the Guardians of the Galaxy films is the idea of ​​a “found family” – a group of people not necessarily connected by coming together as a unit, including the arguments for saving the galaxy multiple times. While viewers see this game play over the course of three movies (and two Avengers movies, Journey with Thor and a Christmas special), it also plays out behind the scenes in real life. Over the past decade, the cast and crew of Guardians of the Galaxy have become real family and we’d love to talk about how special every moment was.

“Off the screen we really feel like family.I know everyone says that, but we really got it,” Karen Gillan tells “I’m so grateful because going into these movies can be a little daunting…yet James Gunn really made the experience that much less scary.” and.” It brought us all together. We have already been through a lot and had connecting experiences. It’s nice to have a sense of family in all of this.

Returning writer-director Gunn is incredibly proud of the cast and team he put together on the films, insisting that they are all good people through and through. But if he had to name one person, it would be star Chris Pratt, who has become Gunn’s “such a good friend” over the years and has helped develop and create energy and positivity on the plateau.

“If the director and the leads are nice to the crew, everyone has to be nice,” Gunn continues. “He’s set a good tone since the beginning of this series.”

Sam Pratt sees the whole experience as a sort of “summer camp vibe” where, at the end of each film, the cast and crew “promise to read letters and text messages every day mail and call every day.”Given that everyone still leads very busy lives and it can be difficult to keep in touch throughout the day, everyone “picked up where they left off” each day after returning to the set.

“I’ve been through enough of this to know that some friendships will last and the bond between you two will last forever,” Pratt continues. “There are people in it, in the cast and in the team that I will be talking to all the time. I feel it very strongly.”

There’s also a real family bond in the film, as Gunn’s younger brother Sean was in the band from the start, Kraglin played the Destroyer on screen and captured the behind-the-scenes moves of Rockets.The younger Gunn jokes that he hasn’t found a family because “[James] is older, so I found that in the cosmic scheme of things, I think.” makes it a unique experience,” Sean recalls. “I will work with him again and I will work with everyone again, but there’s something about the [Guardians films] that I’ll never try to replicate. It will stay in my life forever.”

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