5 Ways to Add a Headphone Jack To Your Camera

5 Ways to Add a Headphone Jack To Your Camera

Do you have a camera without a headphone jack? Today we will cover some options for monitoring audio without a headphone jack on any camera. All these solutions will work for most cameras including the very popular Sony a6500/a6300 and Panasonic G85.

Option 1: Use a monitor
Any HDMI monitor with a 3.5mm headphone jack will work.
Here is the monitor I showed you on Amazon:
Also consider the amazing SmallHD Focus Monitor:
Or check out my video on budget monitors:

Option 2: HDMI Dongles
Using one of these HDMI to VGA adapters will give you a 3.5mm headphone jack.
First dongle I showed on Amazon:
Small HDMI dongle on Amazon:
To get the smaller dongle to work with the camera, I used an HDMI adapter which you can find here on Amazon:

Option 3: Preamp/Audio Adapter
You can find my review of the preamp adapter I talked about here:

Option 4: Audio Recorder
Simple setup here. Mic to recorder, monitor with the headphone jack.
I really dig the Zoom H1 if your on a budget, otherwise I really love the MixPre-3 with you can find on Zoom H1 Recorder on Amazon:
MixPre-3 on B&H:

Option 5: Audio Recorder To Camera
Hook you mic to the recorder, your recorder to your camera AND headphones.
When editing, use the camera’s audio UNLESS something went wrong in which case you have the backup on your recorder.

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