8 Ways to Add Watercolor Texture | Easy Techniques for Beginners

8 Ways to Add Watercolor Texture | Easy Techniques for Beginners

Adding texture to watercolor is a great way to add depth and interest in your painting. In this video I show you 8 super easy ways to add texture with just some simple household items and some cheap art supplies.

Check out also 8 advanced watercolor texture techniques for video:

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*** Supplies I used ***
Table Salt
+ Saxa Table Salt
+ Marine Blue (Holbein)

watercolour pencil
+ Steadler Karat Aquarell in black
+ Green Gold (Daniel Smith)
+ Rose of Ultramarine (Daniel Smith)

Plastic wrap
+ Plastic wrap/cling film
+ Ultramarine Blue (handmade by me)
+ Indigo (Holbein)
+ Phthalo Blue Red Shade (Holbein)
+ Phthalo Blue Yellow Shade (Holbein)

Spray with water
+ Quinacridone Rose (Daniel Smith)
+ Spray bottle

Masking Fluid
+ Pebeo drawing gum
+ cheap small brush
+ Pyrrole Rubin (Holbein)
+ Rubber cement pickupper

+ Kleenex tissue
+ Ultramarine Blue (handmade by me)

+ Palette knife
+ Stanley knife
+ Carbazole Violet (Daniel Smith)

Credit card
+ An old credit card or similar
+ Vermilion Hue (Holbein)
+ Quinacridone Gold (Daniel Smith)
+ Scarlet Lake (Holbein)

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