Advanced Timelapse Techniques Tutorial | After Effects CC 2019

Advanced Timelapse Techniques Tutorial | After Effects CC 2019

In this After Effects tutorial I’ll show you how to combine slow motion footage with a time-lapse shot and a sky timelapse. Sometimes when there is nothing going on in the sky, a timelapse of clear blue skies is meaningless. So I’ll show you how to replace the sky with a better timelapse shot and also add a person to the shot. This is a great visual effect of making your timelapse scene more dynamic. These are simple, quick, and easy tricks that shouldn’t take up too much time in your edit. Editing programs have really come a long way. Now importing a timelapse sequence into your project is as simple as selecting the first image of the time-lapse and AE will do the rest to create your time-lapse video.

Hopefully this tutorial inspires you to create more dynamic scenes. These techniques of applying a slow motion clip to a fast motion clip can be used in other scenes as well. Don’t limit yourself to what happens in this tutorial but think about ways you can expand these new visual effects techniques with ones you may already know.

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• For this tutorial, I use Adobe After Effects CC 2017. No plugins are required.


• Use the pen tool to separate a lake from your sky replacement.
• Apply the Keylight preset and Color Key to key out the sky.
• Use the rotobrush tool to rotoscope your actor.

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