ANTHROPOCENE – Short film on MMC Eco Club by Liozordantz '17

ANTHROPOCENE – Short film on MMC Eco Club by Liozordantz '17

Direction -Ashfaq Sulaiman & Sathyanarayana E
Cinematography – Sathyanarayana E
Assistant Cameramen – Ashfaq Sulaiman & Sailesh ISK
Music & Editing – Sathyanarayana E

Subtitles – Ashfaq
Title Credits – Surya S
Cast and Crew – Karthick M
Aanma Suryan
Sathyanarayana E
Ashfaq Sulaiman
Krithika J
Karthika S


Hritesh Krishna
Arun Prasad
Guru Dharshsan
Kiran Sathish
Pala Sri Ganapathi

Special Thanks to Polimer News Channel.

Inspired by true events that led to the formation of an Eco club at Madras Medical College, this is the story of how Karthick, a determined young boy gained attention of his college-mates by following the simple ideologies of Swami Vivekananda, and finally succeeds in executing his ideas, by taking small initial steps and strong determination to keep the college premises clean and green, and to conserve Mother nature.

The Eco Club at Madras Medical College was started on 30th August 2016 by Krezsozolentz ‘13 batch, with strong support from Xivostrigenz ‘14 and the other batches.
Initially, the few patches of lawn in the small campus were just dotted with a few shrubs here and there. Vinisha, from Xivostrigenz batch, along with a group of like-minded individuals from all batches led the way to transform the barren college premises into something clean and green. They then gained the support of our Vice Principal and Pathology HOD, Dr. Bharathi ma’am and SPM Assistant professor, Dr. Sudharshini ma’am. A major progression came in April 2018, when our Dean, Dr. Jayanthi ma’am suggested the idea of having a Go Green competition for our Intra-college cultural competition, Kalaioma.

In order to beat Plastic pollution, The Eco Club decided to take up a new fitness-cum-cleanliness drive called “Plogging”, from June 5th, World Environment Day. They started with the college campus, and after cleaning it up to a satisfactory scale, decided to move on to the General Hospital.
Adorned in rubber gloves and caps, the green army brought about quite a revolution. The glass bottles were sold to scrap dealers and the plastic bottles were cut out to house saplings for vertical gardening. It’s not in every government hospital that you see a beautiful garden adorning its wall. The vertical garden saves space and moreover, it is the perfect solution for plastic waste management.
Of course, the changes that we see today didn’t come about in a day or two. It was a result of endless hours of hard work and toil.