ARY Film Festival 2017 – ARY Films

ARY Film Festival 2017 – ARY Films

The ARY Film Festival; A step in the right direction

The revival of the Pakistani cinema is a byproduct of a long run dry port of lacking creativity, though the new films being released seem to be taking a fresh turn. Once known for its quality work, Pakistani cinema seemed to have gotten lost in the dark ages until Shoaib Mansoor’s Khuda ke liye came along giving Pakistani cinema a revival which gave film makers and film lovers a hope in their cinema again.

An increase in the number of screens coupled with the success of pioneering efforts in the form of Khuda Ke Liye, Bol, Waar and the more recent Na Maloom Afraad, provided the impetus that local filmmakers needed to start producing films. The results were encouraging as Jawani Phir Nahin Aani, produced by ARY Films, broke all previous records, including those set by Indian and English films in Pakistan.

With the plethora of movies helping to revive Pakistani cinema in the recent years, ARY Digital Network takes a step in the right direction by launching the 1st ARY Film Festival in Karachi from the 4th to the 6th of May at the Cinepax Cinemas, Ocean Mall from 5 pm onwards.

With the Film Festival, ARY aims to provide a vital platform for the youth and filmmaking enthusiasts to come together and celebrate their passion for the art form also creating an opportunity to set-up a forum where renowned names from the film and media industry share their knowledge with the participants.

JerjeesSeja, CEO ARY Digital Network

Adding to that the Director ARY Network, Mahboob Rauf said, “The ARY film festival is a one-of-a-kind initiative like the PSL or Hockey or many other such initiatives taken by ARY. I feel this platform will open up horizons unknown to our cinema up till now and it will see an influx of talent never been seen before. That is also what we had primarily aimed through this initiative. We envision Pakistani cinema and our movies at par with Hollywood or Bollywood with the right amount of talent and investment coming in.”