**Award-Winning** Romance Short Film | George and the Vacuum | Omeleto

**Award-Winning** Romance Short Film | George and the Vacuum | Omeleto

A couple walks through the streets of Brooklyn and revisit their memories.
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George and the Vacuum is used with permission from Chadd Harbold. Learn more at and His feature film Long Nights Short Mornings is available on Netflix and iTunes at

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Filmmaker Chadd Harbold tells the story of George and Lacy, a couple walking through the streets of Brooklyn, revisiting their memories.

As the couple walks home after a date, he tells her about his recurring dream — he keeps trying to vacuum up a never-ending pile of dirt in the desert. He’s so overwhelmed that he begins to cry. Lacy likes that George isn’t afraid to show his vulnerable side.

They arrive, but rather than end the night, Lacy playfully offers to walk George to his home to return the favor. On their journey back, they begin to joke and flirt with each other. They get to George’s house, and he again offers to walk Lacy back, revealing the never-ending loop that they are stuck in.

We realize the hazy, black-and-white scene is actually in George’s mind — the result of Lacy breaking his heart and telling him she doesn’t love him anymore. Unable to move past the relationship, George is stuck in this cycle, replaying the memory of her over and over in his head.

Meanwhile, the Lacy of his mind tries to help him break free. But as he asks to walk her home one last time, we’re left to wonder if he’s truly capable of moving on.

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**Award-Winning** Romance Short Film | George and the Vacuum | Omeleto


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