Bad News For Porsha Williams #RHOA Season 12 Update

Bad News For Porsha Williams #RHOA Season 12 Update

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams’ fiancé, Dennis McKinley, was spotted out with four gorgeous women who were not her in a video captured after 4am in the morning.

It’s Justin Diego back with another Bingeworthy video, and today let’s talk about how we need to organize a trip to rescue Porsha and Baby PJ from her chateau because even after all this RHOA drama, the streets are saying that Dennis is out here all times of the night with not 1, not 2, 4 whole side chicks and they’ve got the receipts.

The Tea
If you’ve been watching the RHOA Season 12, you already know that secrets have been spilled and betrayals have been made. And when it comes to Porsha Williams, a lot of us didn’t think there was any hope left. But as the season has progressed we’ve watched Dennis own up to his mistakes and really do what it takes to start building our trust in him again. And yes I did say our trust because any man of our housewives is a man of ours. (period clip)

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Speaking of men being for everybody. I woke up to a DM from a binge watcher that left me giving Radar online the side eye. To understand why this video is messy you have to understand the demise of Porsha’s relationship in context which I feel like you all do. Basically the thing that bothers me is this video was allegedly taken around 4am in the morning and Radar online is saying that their source says that Porsha was nowhere to be seen. Looking at the footage, I feel like there technically isn’t anything particularly off the chain tho. It seems like everyone is keeping their hands to themselves and no one is sitting on his lap or anything so that’s good. Yeah yall know I be over here delusionally hoping and wishing for the best even thru the worst scandals because at the end of the day I want what our girls want and it’s clear that Porsha really wants Dennis. But as soon as I closed tabs on the article and started telling myself this was only footage or and innocent business meeting I got a notification that Porsha has done posted this story on the gram. Saying: Hey sis, narcissist play victim all the time… don’t fall for it.

When I saw this I was like… well this could be about Dennis but let me have some morning coffee because I might be reaching. Then a couple minutes later Porsha followed up with this post saying Nothing will stop my happy 2020! Hashtag Self Care and I was like ok sis let me rally the troops.

At this point it’s clear that something is bothering Porsha and I can’t help but give Dennis the side eye because in The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 12 Episode 7 he pulled up on us at therapy and acted like he was genuinely looking to change his ways and here is is one week into 2020 back on his bs.

No look yall, I know it aint looking good but I’m trying not to jump to conclusions too soon. All I’m saying is literally a couple of days ago Porsha was using hashtag wifey on the gram and these two just went on a whole baecation to Jamaica with Tanya and her boo. Like are they still in Jamaica? Has anybody seen them at the airport? This cant be what he does the day after coming back from a trip like that. My thing is even if he aint back to his questionable ways, I think one of Porsha’s biggest things is she wants him to be smart. She’s a public figure and even if this was an innocent after the club late night with some girls I aint smashing because I think about porsha all day and would never do no mess like that again ever ever ever again dinner it just looks bad and people are gonna secretly film in and sell the story to Radar then messy people are gonna troll Porsha about it under her posts and that gets annoying.

This news really couldn’t come at a worst time because of Sunday night’s episode of RHOA Dennis gets down on bended knee and we thought this time he was gonna do right. But it looks like we just gone have to wait and see.


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