Basic DSLR Audio: Getting the Shot with Corey Rich

Basic DSLR Audio: Getting the Shot with Corey Rich

You thought you were recording a great interview, only when you get back to the studio, you are horrified to discover that your great interview has turned into a lame mime act. Bummer! In a new three-part series of Tech Tips, photographer and director Corey Rich delves into one of the hardest, and most important, parts of shooting HD-SLR video: the audio. Part one begins with the fundamentals: how to capture crisp audio using the built-in mic on your HD-SLR. From thinking about wind direction, to the faint hum of traffic in the background, capturing great audio begins with careful consideration. Take it a step further by adding a shotgun mic onto your camera’s hot shoe, and using a set of headphones to make sure that everything sounds great. Audio is the hardest part of video. But when you can really capture this beautiful world of sounds and layer them onto your next video project, you will see your production quality jump to a new level.

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