Basic Lighting Setups | The YouTube Cinematography Guide

Basic Lighting Setups | The YouTube Cinematography Guide

Today on The YouTube Cinematography Guide, I talk about basic lighting setups, the equipment I use in my videos, some alternatives and cheap lighting gear, and more. Improve your lighting in this episode of The YouTube Cinematography Guide!


– A 3 point lighting setup consists of a Key Light, Fill Light, and a Back Light.
– The Key Light is your brightest light, it defines the subject’s face.
– The Fill Light is less bright and fills in the harsh shadows from the Key Light.
– The Back Light is even less bright and separates the subject from the background.
– Soft boxes are a great cheap alternative to expensive LED panels and provide soft, even light.
– Can lights from a home improvement store are even cheaper, and can also provide adequate lighting for YouTube videos when used correctly.

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