Bees, Beers, and New Beginnings

Bees, Beers, and New Beginnings

Whether you’re a veteran beekeeper or just considering the hobby, you’ll enjoy the story of two friends sharing a passion in this short film, Bees, Beers, and New Beginnings.

Follow Justin, a seasoned beekeeper, as he guides Tom through receiving his first hive, learning how to work with bees, and entering the hive for the first time.

Along the way you’ll learn how Justin got started with this rare hobby, and hear some of his most unnerving, humorous, and rewarding moments as a beekeeper.

Through beautiful cinematography, you’ll enter the world of a hive, see the complex ecosystem these animals create, and watch bees take flight from their home.

Besides producing honey, bees are critical to our planet pollinating one-third of everything we eat! Through this film you’ll gain a new appreciation for bees’ organization, work ethic, and resilience.

Walk in a new beekeeper’s shoes for a day and leave inspired by the beauty of nature and the joy of sharing a hobby with a friend.


Hive tool
Smoking pellets
Super (hive) + frames
Bee brush
Queen excluder

Lisa Liguori, Executive Producer
Tom Liguori, New Beekeeping Hobbyist
Justin Reden, Veteran Beekeeping Hobbyist
Rachel Cross, Producer
Chris Francis, Director/DP/Editor
Rico Molden, B Camera Operator
Darren Brower, Location Sound
Beto Cabral, Location Sound
Aaron Uher, Production Assistant

Mead making video footage courtesy of Will Kalif – Make Mead Easily and Successfully video:


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