BILHORE | An Award Winning Short Film Made in 50 Hours | IFP9

BILHORE | An Award Winning Short Film Made in 50 Hours | IFP9

Bilhore – A Short Film By Wasim Akram. Inspired by a true story, the film depicts the life of Mr. Dadarao Bilhore and his struggles after the loss of his elder son due to the quality of the roads. Taking inspiration from the selfless deeds of the father, the younger son decides to bring about a change on a grander scale.

This film was made for IndiaFilmProject – Season 9, a 50 hour film making challenge #IFP9. The rules of the competition were – * Theme – Your Reason To Road. * Genre (Select any one) – Docu-Drama, Lyrical Narrative, Biography & Comedy. * Duration – Not more than 6 minutes.

The film was submitted to the 5th NITK Film Festival (NITK – Surathkal) where it received an award for “Best Cinematography” and also to the 3rd Edition of Chalchitra (MIT -Manipal) for which it received the “Best Short Film – 2nd Runner Up” award.

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Special Thanks To:

Janardhan CK
Afshan Mahmood
Simson Dsouza

Tobi Longe (London, United Kingdom) for composing the music in under 50 hours –

Steve Martis
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The Freelancer Network
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Cast (In Order Of Appearance):
Pranav K R
Prathik B Shetty
Steve Martis
Nihal Lloyd
Rayan D’Souza

Production Managers:
Steve Martis | Rayan D’Souza | Prajyoth Bhat

Production Coordinator:
Pratheek Reddy

Production Assistants:
Dheeraj Shetty

Lighting & Set Designers:
Steve Martis | Prajyoth Bhat | Pratheek Reddy

Lead Cinematographer:
Wasim Akram

Assistant Cinematographers:
Krithikraj Bhat | Steve Martis

Lead Film Editor:
Steve Martis

Assistant Film Editor:
Wasim Akram

Sound Recordist:
Steve Martis

Scripting & Voice-Over
Pranav K R

Music Composed By (MADE UNDER 50 HOURS):
Tobi Longe aka TorbM
(London, United Kingdom)

A Story By
Rachana B S

Assistant Director
Nihal Lloyd

Producer & Director
Wasim Akram

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