BINDI – An Award Winning Short Film | Nikhil Sankar | Devaki Rajendran

BINDI – An Award Winning Short Film | Nikhil Sankar | Devaki Rajendran

The film steers through the emotional variations and perspectives of a North Indian young woman,Rani.

Written and directed by : Nikhil Sankar
Produced by : Dhanush Productions
Cast : Devaki Rajendran
Cinematography and Editing : Najose
Music : Vijay Syam
DI : Aswanth Mohan
Sound mixing and Dubbing : Mastermonk studio for music production
Associate Cinematographer : Amal Thomas
Assistant Cinematographer : Hari Sankar
Sound Recordist : Athul Krishna
Recording Assistant : Aswin R S
Script Translation : Rhea Raj
Storyboard : Neenu Kunjachan
Publicity Design : Abhijith M V,Ananthan Mohan

Awards won

Yagna Dhruva’19 – Limelight – Best Film
Yagna Dhruva’19 – Limelight – Best Cinematography
Yagna Dhruva’19 – Limelight – Best Script
Yagna Dhruva’19 – Limelight – Best Performer
Yagna Dhruva’19 – Limelight – Best Sound Design
Vidyut Short Film Festival – Best Movie
Square Roots Short Film Festival – Official Selection
Ragam 2019 – Takeone’19 – Special Mention
Abhram Short Film Festival – Best Eight
Equinox’19 – Start Rolling Action – Second Best Film
Sanskriti’19 – Frames 4.0 National Short Film Festival – Best Film
Aagneya 2019 – Second Best Film
Cinerama 2019 – Best Film
Cinerama 2019 – Best Director
Cult A Way 2019 – Second Best Film



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