Budokon Yoga | A Minute with Melayne Shayne (Trailer)

Budokon Yoga | A Minute with Melayne Shayne (Trailer)

“As warrior women we embrace the warrior and yogic spirit within us. We are the fierce embodiment of courage, strength, confidence and empowerment. We are the divine feminine, tenderhearted, sensual, compassionate and intuitive. In the union, we find our truth. In doing our personal work of self-investigation, we liberate ourselves and set free our complete being.”

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About Melayne Shayne:
Melayne Shayne is a Budokon Mixed Movement Athlete and founder of the Warrior Women Tribe. She is the VP of the Mixed Movement Arts System Budokon and Director of the Budokon Yoga Program and Teacher Training. For Melayne, moving is more than creating forms and shapes with the body: it is a lifelong commitment to self-reflection and personal development.

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About Budokon:
Budokon University is a professional-level educational institute committed to the advancement of mixed movement arts sciences. Together with her husband and father of Mixed Movement Arts, Cameron Shayne, Melayne Shayne travels the world educating and inspiring students through BDK teacher trainings, international festivals, and conferences.

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