Building a Foam Prop Space Rifle for a Film Riot Short

Building a Foam Prop Space Rifle for a Film Riot Short

When the gang at Film Riot needed a space rifle made, they called Bill! In this video he shows how he built a modular prop gun using EVA foam and PVC pipe.


Film Riot Video –

Foamsmith Books –

Tools & Materials

EVA Foam – TNT Cosplay Supply

EVA Foam Floormats – Wesellmats

PVC Pipe & PVC Cement from Local Hardware Store

Heat Gun – Amazon

Cheap Tripod – Amazon

Rotary Tool – Amazon

Hot Glue Gun – Amazon

Barge Contact Cement – Amazon

Snap Off Blade Knife – Amazon

9″ Band Saw – Amazon

Bench Top Belt Sander – Amazon

Superglue – Amazon

Superglue Activator – Amazon

Set Screws – Amazon

Drill Press – Amazon

Laser Cutter – Full Spectrum 5th Gen Hobby Laser

PlastiDip – Amazon

Airbrush Paints – Tamiya

Gloss Varnish – Amazon

Acrylic Paints, Liquitex Heavy Body – Amazon

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