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Can You Build a House With Hemp? | National Geographic

This episode is supported by CuriosityStream A lot of work goes into managing our impact on the environment and its impact on us. That work is the work of environmental engineers. In this episode we’ll explore water quality, air quality, noise pollution, waste management, and more. Crash Course Engineering is produced in association with PBS…

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Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier, and Edward Burtynsky follow up Manufactured Landscapes and Watermark with a sobering meditation on psychedelic potash mines, expansive concrete seawalls, mammoth industrial machines, and other examples of humanity’s massive re-engineering of the planet. ANTHROPOCENE: The Human Epoch is the third collaboration between award-winning photographer Edward Burtynsky and acclaimed filmmakers Jennifer…

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So you know someone who loves cameras and filmmaking, and you want to get them something for Christmas, but you know filmmaking equipment’s pretty expensive? Well, here are my top 10 Best 2018 Christmas gifts for filmmakers for under 120 bucks. Christmas Gifts: 1. 1:08 Keyboard Shortcut Cover (Final Cut): 2. 1:38 Eneloop Batteries &…

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