Cinematic Teal and Orange Lighting

Cinematic Teal and Orange Lighting

The teal and orange contrast is commonly used in films and photos. But why should you create this contrast on set using lights, instead of grading it in post? And how do we do it? Let’s see in this video!

In the last video we showed you how to spice up your videos with lamps you find at home. We also showed how bulbs, lamps and gels work. If you haven’t seen this video, I recommend you do that first:

In this video we want to create the typical teal and orange effect you often see in movies. Some add filters and luts in post to create this effect, but we prefer doing it on set. By making the teal and orange effect on set, we don’t need to do a lot of tweaking with the colors in post, meaning that the picture quality remains in good shape. The more you adjust the colors in post, the more quality you loose, especially with videos shot in low bit rates.

So how do we do this? Well, it depends what you are shooting. If you are shooting outdoors during daytime, you might want to use the natural lights that is already there and tweak the colors in post. But for indoor scenes, scenes during evening etc, we can customize the colors on set because we are using lamps. The easiest way is to add an orange gel to the varm lights and adjust the white balance. Everything else then turns more blue. You can also add blue to the other lamps to enhance the contrast even more. And since you make this colors contrast on set, the whole crew can more clearly understand the atmosphere and mood of the scene, since they see it the way it is meant to look.

Here are the equipment we used in this video (affiliation links):
Aputure 120D MII:
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Aputure 120T:
Aputure LS-Mini 20:
Aputure Mini-Dome:
Panasonic EVA1:
Sigma 18-35mm:
Atomos Shogun Inferno:
Ifootage Mini-Crane MIII:
Manfrotto 502HD videohead:

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