Cinematography For 2D Animation Trailer

Cinematography For 2D Animation Trailer

The most common problem with amateur animations is that everything is covered from only one camera angle.
That is because they either don’t know other options, or because drawing the different angles of a character can be challenging.

One thing is certain:

Good cinematography pulls the audience into the story.

The objective of having awesome shots in your animation is to MAKE THE AUDIENCE FEEL. How can you call yourself an artist if you’re not making your

audience feel?

There are basic cinematography concepts ignored by many animators, and that is because in animation, the priority is to make a character come to

life, which is the foundation, but once you have that, you need to be able to communicate in another level, a level that makes people happy if you

want them to, or sad, or angry, or scared.

Good cinematography can make a dramatic scene even more dramatic, or a strong character look even stronger, or a weak character look weaker.

You can help to create tension between two characters, and also, you can help the audience feel more attached to one character than the other.

This 30 min course will explain the different concepts in cinematography.

Frame Compositions
Rule Of Thirds
Camera Angles
Blocking Your Characters
Dialogue Coverage
Panning and Tilting in 2D
Camera Movements
And at the end of the course, you will learn how to bring everything together to improve a scene.

You will see 3 versions of it.

The amateur version
A More sophisticated version, which includes Over The Shoulder Shots
The Best version that includes camera movements like push and pull.
This course will help animators improve their shots, making the audience feel something when they see the animation. All thanks to the basic

cinematography language that any animator should know.
What are the requirements?
No prior knowledge is required
What am I going to get from this course?
Over 16 lectures and 33 mins of content!
Apply different cinematography concepts to their animation
Make the audience feel something
Improve their shots
What is the target audience?
Animators who want to learn the basics of cinematography