Cinematography tools

Cinematography tools

By G.A.Simon
episode 38
My channel:




An entertaining channel that can make you feel interesting
about the nice video shots from all the angles!
The drone always makes a grate job, also you
have fun.. laugh.. enjoy your spare time..
Get ideas about what kind of tools
you need to make amazing videos..!

Feel free to ask everything you need to learn about tricks.. visual effects..
sound effects.. direction.. photography.. sports.. healthy life…
just live your comments below and I’m here to answer to your questions..!

These are some tools that I’m using to make my editing:
Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, iMovie, Smart Converter Pro 2,
And these are my staff that I’m working with:
Canon 650D, Canon 70D, Sony A7 mark 2, Sony A7R, Canon G7X mark 2, Sony a7sii,
DJI Osmo, Drone Phantom 3 professional, GoPro 3 black, GoPro 4 black,
Another drone Mavic pro
Lenses: Canon 17-55mm F3,5
Sony 17-200mm F3,5
Sony macro 30mm
Sony Zeiss 55mm F1,8
Sony G master 24-70, f2.8
Sony G master 85mm f1,4
Sony Zeiss 16-35mm
Sony G master 70-200mm f4
Monopod Manfrotto, Tripod Vangurd, small tripod Gorilla
and selfie stick monopod.
Microphone Rode.

ZHIYUN camera stabiliser V2
Glidecam 4000 camera stabiliser

The green screen it’s also a grate tool for me and helps me a lot to make
some difficult shots.. especially if you don’t want to make the in the crowd.

Sometimes I’m getting with me a friend of mine if I need moving shots.
The drone is one of the most grate tool and helps me for shots from the
sky.. moving or consistently shots..

The follow me shots are more perfect with the phantom 4 pro than the
phantom 3 pro. because you don’t need to have the controller with you.
I have the mavic pro now and I am unbelievable happy how
perfect is that drone!
now I’m making all of my shots with it… and I have it always
in my back… cause it’s so small.. and amazing.

I hope all these details helping you to have a first view..
if you need more informations feel free and live your comments below!
and I will answer as soon as possible.

This is an entertaining channel and it’s something between Vlog and funny stories or travel stories or real life stories.

music by

music by
Johan Lailja

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