Cinematography Using Video Scopes | False Color, Waveform, Vectorscope

Cinematography Using Video Scopes | False Color, Waveform, Vectorscope

To nail great shots every time, a filmmaker needs to understand how to accurately measure light. A light meter is the most common practice, but with the availably of monitors, using video scopes is also a great group of tools. In this cinematography filmmaking tutorial, we examine how to use the monitor with false color, waveform, and the vectorscope to make educated decisions on exposure. We look at each phase of the setup with the initial framing of natural light. Then go into adding a key light and finally topping everything off with an ND filter. So whether you never heard of video scopes or been around them, this tutorial goes over the basics and the though process of making great imagery.

VS-5X From Aputure:

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BlackMagic Cinema Camera:

Canon L 16-35mm:

Key Light:
Diffusion for Key Light:
Fresnel for Key Light:
Back & Ambient Light:

Color Correction:
Color Effects:

Light Stand:

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