Cinematography, Videography, Direction & Digital filmmaking institute in chennai

Cinematography, Videography, Direction & Digital filmmaking institute in chennai

What is Cinematography?
Have you ever mesmerized watching a movie scene or a shot? If it’s true, then you just loved the work of cinematography of that movie. Yes, in a film, other than acting, costumes, background setting, dialogues, audio, etc the complete motion-picture is done by a cinematographer. He visually tells the story of a film and gives you the real feeling.
The cinematography is also known as Direction of Photography. It is the art and science of motion-picture photography. It creates a film stock by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either by an image sensor (electronically) or by a light-sensitive material (chemically).
“When you move the camera, or you do a shot like the crane down (in Shawshank) with them standing on the edge of the roof, then it’s got to mean something. You’ve got to know why you’re doing it; it’s got to be for a reason within the story, and to further the story” – Roger
Here, you will be taken to 200 years old history in less than 2 minutes. You will see how a small camera started its journey and evolved into a digital cinematography in today’s world.

If you have a passion for creative work and storytelling, you ought to choose a career in Cinematography. It takes you to a different world of dreams, makes you feel rejoice in everything you see. Thus, it makes you do wonders in a film by putting your creativity and imagination.
Visualite Academy offers a professional course on Cinematography and helps you achieve your dream.
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