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Color matching in Adobe Lightroom just got much easier thanks to the Reference View function. Last time we talked about matching the color grade of any image to one of your own, but we did that in Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop provides more tools and makes it somewhat easier to calculate an edit. But we can still do this in Lightroom or even Capture One with the Curves Adjustment tool. If we understand what it is we are seeing in terms of color, then we can make the necessary adjustments. I would argue that this is a much more useful skill than just mathmatically copying – your editing skills will improve as well as the quality of your photographs.

• What is showdow and highlight tint
• How to tint an image using channels in the curves tool
• copy the color grade of any image in Lightroom or Capture One

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* This video is sponsored by AdoramaPIX

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