Daddy Telugu Movie || Chiranjeevi, Simran, Rajendra Prasad || Part 04

Daddy Telugu Movie || Chiranjeevi, Simran, Rajendra Prasad || Part 04

Watch Daddy Telugu Full Movie starring Megastar Chiranjeevi, Simran , Rajendra Prasad

Story :
Raj Kumar or Raj (Chiranjeevi) is a rich audio company owner who owns a modern dance school. Dance is his passion and his life till he meets and marries Shanti (Simran). They have a daughter Akshaya (Anushka Malhotra). Raj believes in his friends and does anything for them. However, they take advantage of him and usurp his wealth. Though Raj and his family are happy in their not-so-lavish lifestyle, their happiness is shattered when Akshaya becomes ill with a heart condition. Raj instead of bringing the money Shanti had stored in the bank to the hospital to save Akshaya, uses it to save his former dance student Gopi (Allu Arjun), who was hit by a car. Shanti, who is pregnant, leaves him because she feels that he killed their daughter.

Six years later, Raj, who is once again wealthy, sees his second child, Aishwarya (Anushka Malhotra), who looks exactly like his Akshaya, in whose honour he builds a foundation which takes care of poor, unhealthy children and their families. He builds a relationship with Aish without Shanti’s knowledge. However, Shanti finds out, tries to reconcile with him after realising her mistake, but doesn’t because she sees him with the same friend who took advantage of them earlier. Raj agrees to leave, says a final goodbye, and as he is about to leave, sees his child caught in an accidental fire at her school function. He saves her, but he is wounded. Shanti sees how much he loves her and Aish and they finally reunite.

Cast :
Chiranjeevi as Raj Kumar
Simran as Shanti
Ashima Bhalla as Priya
Rajendra Prasad as Prasad
Sarath Babu as doctor
Kota Srinivasa Rao as Shanti’s paternal uncle
Allu Arjun as Gopi Krishna (Cameo)
Achyuth as Ramesh
M. S. Narayana as Priya’s father
Uttej as Priya’s friend
Baby Anushka Malhotra as Akshaya / Aishwarya

Director: Suresh Krishna
Writers: Bhupathi Raja (story), Satyanand (dialogue) and Suresh Krishna (screenplay)
Producer: Allu Aravind
Music: S. A. Rajkumar
Cinematography: Chota K. Naidu
Fights: Vikram Dharma and Pawan Kalyan
Choreography: Saroj Khan and Raju Sundaram
Executive producer: Nagaraju Chittajallu
Editor: Marthand K. Venkatesh
Art: Ashok

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