Daystar | NYU, USC, Harvard – ACCEPTED 2018 Film Application

Daystar | NYU, USC, Harvard – ACCEPTED 2018 Film Application

For 1026 days, the Close Family sailed the world aboard Daystar. But when civilization’s colors evoke memories of his past paradise, Cassius Close embarks on a journey of remembrance and reconciliation. Wrestling with privilege and the confines of society, Daystar is the poetic illustration of a family’s unique journey. There’s a peace that evades all of us – but it’s the promise it offers that catches the wind.

NYU | Accepted (Attending)
USC | Accepted
Harvard | Waitlisted
UBC | Accepted

UVA | Accepted
UC Berkeley | Accepted
UCLA | Rejected

Direction, Cinematography, Edit, Screenplay | Josh Leong
Cast | Cassius Close, Daniel Meakem
Score | David Bullard, Dan Phillips, Braak

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Visual | Sony A65, Sigma 18-35 f1.8
Audio | Rode VideoMic Pro, Tascam DR-22WL
Edit | Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects
Color | ImpulZ, OSIRIS, ColorFinale
Location | Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland.

I dunno. I think the thing I miss the most is the colors, you know?
There was this one night, we were out in the open. The sky was clear.
We just lay there, on the deck. There was a crisp blue across the starry skies.
Then other days, if you woke up early enough, and you lowered your head to just the right level – you could see gold light dancing across the waves.
Some nights it was red. A deep red.
This glow, at some, Dominican bar or wherever we were.
I don’t really get that stuff these days.
This place is just too loud. Too busy.

Yeah. It’s like everyone always has somewhere to be.

Exactly. Everyone always has something to worry about.
Something to do, work, or study or whatever.

It’s like a race.

Some days you’d lose track of time. Never wanted it to end.
If it was hot, I’d jump in the water.
If it was quiet, I’d play a song.
If something was broken, we’d fix it ourselves.
Life didn’t get simpler, I just had more time to explore it.
Money was never an issue. I mean, we never had enough money, but our livelihood was never dependent upon that.
We didn’t necessarily always know where we were going to go, but sometimes that meant we didn’t have to go anywhere.
Things like that were presents in and of themselves.

I guess I don’t know what I’m missing.

I mean it’s odd. You see everyone else – everyday people build up their lives. Normal things, you know.
They go to school to get into a good college, to get a good job, to make a living, a house, a family.
Then somewhere down the line, they just say “That’s it, I’m a success. Let’s sell our shares and start enjoying life.”

You make that sound like it’s a bad thing.

I mean, how many years does it cost the other guy?
Just to be exactly where I already was as a kid.

No, you’re just privileged, that’s all.
Not everyone can just drop everything and go sail the world.

Well, not everyone has the courage to step out.

So why would you come back? Why would you return to what’s mundane?
You said that you loved those years on the boat.
Why would you ever stop?

I dunno. Do you know that feeling when you can’t appreciate something that’s actually special because you have it every day?
Like hot showers.

Exactly. So, I think I was scared to take the boat for granted.
I don’t think you can grow if you don’t have something to chase after.
And so I chase after those memories.
Because the memories I wrestle with become the things I understand the most.
Memories to stir, and to motivate me for the rest of my life.
Because I want to be back where I was.
They say your boat’s against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
But I’ve fought against the current.
And I’ve won.