DGS || Prince of Egypt – Cinematography MEP Part

DGS || Prince of Egypt – Cinematography MEP Part

Hi guys! It’s Amber!! I’m finally starting to do some of the MEP parts I’ve signed up for, so expect a good deal of those to come.
This part is for the DGS cinematography MEP and I chose the Prince of Egypt, as I did in the last cinematography MEP I joined. I just love this movie so much. I went through the whole thing and had WAY too many scenes to choose from, but I chose my favorites and used the ones I didn’t get to use last time.
That’s it. I really like this part here 🙂 I really like how the coloring looks on this movie too.
Hope you guys don’t mind I forgot to fade it out.
That’s about it guys! Hope you like it 🙂
~Amber 🙂

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