Drone Shots With Out A Drone! (My offroad Video Techniques)

Drone Shots With Out A Drone! (My offroad Video Techniques)

In todays video I want to talk a little bit about off-road photography. Making a good video is tough and without a drone it’s even tougher. I have a few key techniques I want to touch on in this drone-less drone video. If you would like to start making videos of the different trips that you take, then this is a good place to start. I would recommend checking out the Trail Recon YouTube channel. Brad has put together some outstanding adventure videos over the years and I have found a lot of inspiration from his adventures. Also, there are a ton of good photography YouTube channels that will completely change the way you view video as a whole. Especially when it comes to basic photography skills and drone skills. If you take anything away from this video I hope its being creative and thinking outside the box! You don’t need a drone to have fun and you don’t need expensive gear to be entertaining! This video is very incomplete but Brad and I had a great time filming it! I hope you enjoy!
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