DSLR Video Training – 3 Point Lighting Technique and Setup: DSLR for Beginners

DSLR Video Training – 3 Point Lighting Technique and Setup: DSLR for Beginners

What is 3 Point Lighting Technique? DSLR Video Training for beginners teaches you everything you need to know about 3 point lighting technique, and how to shoot proper DSLR video as a beginner. Let me teach you everything:

DSLR Video Training – 3 Point Lighting Technique: DSLR for Beginners

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The key light is THE main source of light on your subject, which means that it’s going to have the MOST influence on your scene.
So, if your light kit has 3 different watt intensities, you’d want to use the one with the highest wattage. Given, of course, that it’s not a spot light. I mean we’re just trying to light up your talent… not blind them AND your camera.

No one wants that.

Now, as far as light placement, your key light should be set off to one side of the camera facing your subject so that this side ends up well lit.

I typically place my key light right around 25-30 degrees away from my camera, facing the subject.

As far as “which side you should put your key light on”? That really depends on your subject.
You know when you’re taking a picture with someone and they say, “Make sure to get my good side. heh heh”… Well that’s not a joke. Non of us are really 100% perfectly asymmetrical in the face… so people typically do, in fact, have one better looking side than the other.

It’s just how we’re made.

So, at the sake of making your subject look their best, make sure to ask them, “Hey, what’s your ‘good side’ when you take photos?”.
I usually say this in a joking manner to keep it light hearted, but they always understand what I mean.


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