Establishing Shots — Setting a scene like Kubrick, Wes Anderson, and Michael Bay

Establishing Shots — Setting a scene like Kubrick, Wes Anderson, and Michael Bay

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Establishing shots are one of the best shot types for a filmmaker directing a project. With all of the complicated filmmaking theory and camera shots out there, filmmakers often forget how much a good establishing shot can help their directing career.

When you learn filmmaking in film school, establishing shots are often gleaned over because there is so much to go over, but you won’t have success directing movies or any other content without understanding what makes a great establishing shot.

This video essay is going to show you how one of the simple shot types in film can be the tone creator for your cinematography, and scenes. The opening shot says everything, and if you have camera work that leaves viewers scratching their heads and questioning the filmmaker’s intention, you may have lost them for the rest of the movie.

Our film analysis gives you the establishing shot definition along with helpful establishing shot examples from popular films and television shows. You can even use a great establishing shot in a music video.

Want one of the best filmmaking tips you’ll ever get?

Get great establishing shots and your directing and editing career will soar.

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