Film Craft 105: The Cinematographer – 7. Exposure Lenses

Film Craft 105: The Cinematographer – 7. Exposure  Lenses

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Film Craft 105: The Cinematographer by Michael Wohl
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Being a Cinematographer is a lot like being a great musician: Youve got to practice lots of technical skills before you can apply them to your art. But once you own these skills, they become your filmmaking palette, enabling you to capture perfection when youre behind the lens! So, who better to learn them from than the renowned filmmaker/educator Michael Wohl?!

Michael starts this example-filled course with a series of tutorials that cover essential techniques. It is here that you learn camera basics. He shows focus techniques and explains the roles of the camera team. From there you learn about exposure, camera sensitivity, lenses and white balance.

The next collection of tutorials is where science and art crossfade. Michael explains framing, composition and camera movement. Here, you learn about focal length, depth of field, shooting angles, the rule of thirds, tracking, dolly shots and much, much more.

Throughout this course, Michael gives you lots of insider knowledge and shows you actual filmed examples based upon his extraordinary experience both as an award-winning filmmaker and an acclaimed educator. There is no better way to learn the art and craft of cinematography than in this Film Craft series by Michael Wohl!
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