Film degrees at Newcastle University: Where the degree will take me

Film degrees at Newcastle University: Where the degree will take me

Newcastle University students on the Film and Media or Film Practices degrees talk about what they’ve learned, the practical experience they’ve gained, and how the degree has prepared them for their future career. They also talk about what they plan to do after they graduate.

Film Practices BA Honours allows you to develop an advanced level of knowledge and skills in film-making. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the relationship between documentary practice, film theory, and the film industry. You’ll work on a range of individual and crew-based film projects. You’ll also develop sophisticated camera, sound, editing and storytelling skills. You’ll graduate a highly-skilled, imaginative and resourceful independent film-maker. You’ll also take away a portfolio of cinematic, creative non-fiction films.

Film and Media BA Honours combines the essential skills of non-fiction film-making with practical multimedia journalism skills. You’ll explore media and cultural studies, examining the role of the media in contemporary culture and society. You can investigate issues, subjects and themes that interest you. These might include gender, popular culture, or globalisation. You’ll become a sophisticated, creative and confident documentary film-maker. You’ll be able to contextualise your own film practice within media, journalism and creative industries.


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