Film Institute| Filmmaking | Cinematography | Direction| Acting | Video Editing courses in Chennai

Film Institute|  Filmmaking | Cinematography | Direction| Acting | Video Editing courses in Chennai

Film Institute| Filmmaking | Cinematography | Direction| Acting | Video Editing courses in Chennai
Visualite Academy, one of the best Film Institutes in Chennai is offering certificate and Diploma Film Technology, filmmaking courses. Certificate course in Film Direction and screenplay writing, Diploma course in Direction and script writing, Certificate course in Cinematography, Diploma course in Cinematography, Certificate course in Sound engineering, Diploma course in Sound engineering, Certificate course in Video editing, Diploma course in Film and Video editing, Certificate course in Videography, Diploma course in Videography, Certificate course in Basic photography, Certificate course in advance still photography, Diploma course in professional still photography.
Certificate course in Digital Filmmaking:
It is a three months course that trains a student overall in all the departments in the Film Industry, preparing them to join any department of their choice.
Diploma course in Digital Film Making:
It is six month intensive program that aims to keep students up to date with the current digital technologies and their usage in the Film Industry. The students get trained in all aspects of Film making.
Certificate course in Direction and script writing:
It is a three month course that teaches the students all the fundamentals that one needs to know when they are planning to join the film Industry as an assistant/associate/Co Director or, even when they plan to make their own short Films.
Diploma course in Film Direction and screenplay writing:
This is a more extensive schedule that trains students not only to work on Film sets as a part of the Direction team but, also to make Digital content for the web such as web series, short videos, commercial videos etc. It also trains students in the art of script writing, in order to backup their Direction skills.
Certificate course in Cinematography:
This is a three month long course that provides with all the fundamental knowledge regarding Film shooting. It is basically a course that teaches students about the roles and responsibilities of a DOP(Director of Photography) on set.
Diploma course in Cinematography:
This six months course gives DSLR training and Film camera training to the students. Not only does it cover the technical aspects of cinematography, it also covers the aesthetic aspects such as framing, color combinations, using different shots to convey different moods and emotions etc.
Certificate course in Sound engineering:
It is a six months course that covers all the aspects of sound designing in films such as capturing live sounds, rerecording, sweetening, dubbing, foley, BGM, sound mixing etc
Diploma course in Sound engineering:
This one year course intends to cover all the elements of Sound engineering. Having a good audio lab, we also allow students to make use of all the sound equipments provided by us.
Certificate course in Film and video editing:
It is a three month course that trains students in the art of non linear editing techniques. The students are trained in basic video editing software such as Final cut pro(FCP) and Adobe premiere pro.
Diploma course in Film and Video editing course:
This six months extensive course teaches the students the more advanced techniques of editing such as syncing the audio and video, cutting the video with a rhythm, adding visual effects, subtitling a film etc.
Certificate course in Videography:
This three month course teaches students the fundamentals of independent Filmmaking by training them in several aspects such as Camera training, Video editing, sound designing etc. This course makes the student confident enough to come up with independent audio visual content.
Diploma course in Videography:
This six month long program not only prepares the student in Documentary Film making and other styles of Independent Filmmaking, it also trains the student to use any Film camera such as Arri, Alexa or Black magic very efficiently and smoothly.

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