Filmmaking Tips For Beginners | Practice Exercise | A Trip To Your Favorite Restaurant

Filmmaking Tips For Beginners | Practice Exercise | A Trip To Your Favorite Restaurant

Beginner Filmmaking Tips For Making Movies
Practicing Filming & Editing Video

One of the struggles I had when first getting into filmmaking and creating videos was finding the time to get out and film. Every second I was thinking of the latest skit or story was a second I wasn’t actually making a movie. I wasted time watching cool YouTube channels like this one, buying expensive equipment I didn’t know how to use and writing not so hilarious comedy ideas. It seemed like I was doing a lot, but in reality, I wasn’t doing much.

This video will hopefully help to get you off your butt and out into the world with a camera. The exercise is to use a phone or crappy camera and just film the story of a trip to a restaurant. Feature the restaurant, create a video of you eating or be creative and throw in some acting. The main idea is to film film film! You have to eat anyway, so why not get some footage in between bites.

Practice new angles, practice “directing” your own scenes, practice putting together a story. Then go home and practice editing to put it all together. The final product should be less than a minute, something you enjoyed making and something you can share with everyone, even though it was just practice.

I also included an example of the type of video I occassionally do on social media to feature a local restaurant.

If you did your own little 1 minute practice video, share the link in the comments!


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