Filmmaking Tutorial: How to Film The 'Warm Look' | Lighting Breakdown

Filmmaking Tutorial: How to Film The 'Warm Look' | Lighting Breakdown

When it comes to filmmaking and detailed storytelling, the look of your film is extremely important. This filmmaking tutorial breaks down the ‘Warm Look’ style and shows you setup by setup on how to shoot and light it. First, you need to have tungsten likes at a color temperature of 3200K to light your talent. Then you can adjust the white balance of your camera to around 5600k and/or use a CTS (Color Temperature Straw) or CTO (Color Temperate Orange) gel to help create more separation. In this video I’m using a 1/2 CTS gel. You also need to account for the background. If you want the background warm, I suggest using practical lights that are tungsten balanced to light up your space.

Lighting Gear Used In This Video:
650 Watt Fresnel:
CTS 1/2 Gel:
Flag Kit:
Impact Light Dimmer:

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More Gear I use:
BlackMagic Cinema Camera:

Canon L 16-35mm:
Rokinon 50mm:
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Key Light:
Diffusion for Key Light:
Back & Ambient Light:

Color Correction:
Color Effects:

Light Stand: