Financing A First Feature Film (Filmmaking Documentary Series Ep3)

Financing A First Feature Film (Filmmaking Documentary Series Ep3)

What does it take to raise the funds for a micro-budget feature?

Meet the minds behind the feature film Blood on the Leaves and go behind the scenes to witness the making of the movie on this 12 part documentary.

Interviews with cast and crew, the director, behind the scenes footage, past projects, and bloopers all come together for this docuseries. Enjoy getting a closer look at this micro-budget super tight scheduled feature film that is now on Amazon: and VHX:


“Blood on the Leaves” is a survival crime drama presented by Sideline Pictures, starring Imani Khiry (“Made in Cleveland”) and Billy Nally (“Hindsight 2020”).

The film also features actors Brendon Taylor (“Banshee,” “Running Circles”), Carl Clemmons (HBO’s “The Wire,” “Southpaw,” “Out of the Furnace”), Dallas White (“Copycat Killers,” “Nightmare Next Door”), Danny Kelly, John Furman (“Downsized”), Kieron MacLeod (“Kiss Me Goodbye,” “Mason”), Cindy Fernandez-Nixon, Patrick Stanny (“Because We’re Numb”), Petra Bryant (“Insomnia”), and Aundre Artemus (Young Gwalla).

“Blood on the Leaves” centers on a black, city boy (Khiry) who is grappling with the sins of his past as he buries a body far from the city near an old Pennsylvania logging plot. In the midsts of digging a shallow grave, a tree falls, injuring him and pinning him to the ground. A nearby white, country bow hunter (Nally), startled, drops his bow and runs towards the sound of the fallen tree. The hunter is unable to move the massive tree, or free the city boy. Just as he is leaving to find help, he stumbles across the covered body. The city boy pulls a gun on the hunter. Locked in a deadly standoff, they are alone in the middle of the wilderness.

Vincent Barnard (“Blue Card Web Series,” “Hey Coach”) wrote, directed, and edited “Blood on the Leaves”. The film also features the work of director of photography Ryan Haggerty (“Tearing Down the Tent,” “Summer Hatch”) with a Panasonic GH4, assistant director Craig Inzana (“Blue Card Web Series,” “Main Web Series”), production designer Rachel Bertrand, special effects artist Nora Hewitt (“FaceOff Winner,” “The Misfits: Video”), and production audio technician Mike Hurst (“Judee Sill: How to Give My Heart Away”)

“Blood on the Leaves” was shot entirely in Pennsylvania near Cooksburg, DuBois, Brookville, and Philadelphia.

“Blood on the Leaves” was released on June 1st, 2016.