Flash Photography Tutorial : How to balance flash exposure with camera settings

Flash Photography Tutorial : How to balance flash exposure with camera settings

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Flash Photography Tutorial
This series of videos is designed to help off-camera flash beginners quickly advance to lighting with purpose. First, this series assumes you have an understanding of the exposure triangle, and are capable of controlling your camera in Manual mode. While it’s possible to use flash with semi-automatic modes, I think it’s a requirement to understand lighting in manual mode if you want to take control of all aspects of your images. This series is broken down into short, easy-to-digest lessons that progress you from balancing a single light, to using multiple lights outdoors to drive home the story in your image.

In this video, I explain how ISO, Aperture, and Shutter speed interact with flash equipment in standard sync. This is the fundamentals of flash that a deeper understanding is built upon. This (and all videos) will apply to all flash photography equipment, such as speedlights and monolights.


Balancing Flash Exposure : You are Here
Balancing Flash Exposure Outdoors:
Light Modifier Selection:
Quality of Light:
Direction of Light:
Using Quality and Direction to Control Light Patterns:
Using Color Correction Gels:
Light Meter Basics :
Balancing Multiple Lights:
Matching Fluorescent Lights with color correction gels:
Inverse Color effects with color correction gels:
Bringing it All Together Outside:
Using Light to Enhance Storytelling:
Selecting Flash Equipment:


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