Friends Cast: Where Are They Now? | ⭐OSSA

Friends Cast: Where Are They Now? | ⭐OSSA

Where are Friends now? It’s been 24 years since the last TV series episode. Watch the video to find out where are iconic characters of TV series Friends now?

00:27 – Jennifer Aniston 2018 break up with Justin Theroux was a massive news on the media. Does Jennifer have better luck in love than her character Rachel Green?

02:21 – Courteney Cox, who played Monica friends character, is older than her sweetheart for 12 years. Find out how Courteney Cox friends star and her husband are doing now?

04:05 – Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay has been married to her husband for more than 20 years. Do they have kids? Get the answers in our video!

05:54 – Matt LeBlanc, who portrayed Joey Tribbiani has a daughter, who is ill. Find out what happened to her.The intriguing truth behind Joey character.

07:36 – Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing suffered from drug abuse for a long time. Here’s everything we know about Chanler in real-life.

10:18 – David Schwimmer, who played Ross Geller split with his wife after 7 years of marriage. What are the reasons behind it?

Friends where are they now: everything you need found out – in our video!

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