GoPro (Hero 7) Cinematography: How to Film People In a Cinematic Way

GoPro (Hero 7) Cinematography: How to Film People In a Cinematic Way

I show you how you can film people in a cinematic way with your GoPro (Hero 7).

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It is very difficult to film people in a cinematic way with your GoPro (Hero 7) because you cannot focus on certain things. There are of course other ways how to get cinematic people shots with your GoPro (Hero 7) and I am going to show you 5 of them. For this video, I needed somebody to be in front of the camera to show you all examples. So that’s her:

1. Go Up Movement:
For the cinematic go up GoPro camera movement you have to film in 120 FPS. Since you are going to slow down your GoPro Hero 7 footage 4 times, you need to move your GoPro faster than normally. I show you exactly how to get the best result for this first GoPro Hero 7 slow motion shot.

2. Bridge
The bridge take looks very cinematic because you are moving your GoPro (Hero 7) in a height between 2-3 meters. Instead of using again 120 FPS I used only 60 because I needed the hypersmooth option of the GoPro Hero 7 for this shot. Balancing was very hard on the bridge so 60 FPS was the best setting for this cinematic shot.

3. Tilt Up
This one is the contrary of number 2. Again, set your GoPro (Hero 7) to 120 FPS to get the most cinematic look. Move yourself backwards having all the time the same distance to your model with your GoPro (Hero 7) tilted up.

4. Orbit
The orbit camera movement is a very dynamic one and it is great to show the location where the people are you are filming. For this one I used 30 FPS because it is a long camera movement and I did not want to have another slow motion shot. It still looks very cinematic because of its dynamic style, just make sure you don’t over use this cinematic people shot because it is a very intense one.

5. Zoom In
This is probably one of the most cinematic way to film people. Film in 60 FPS (you are only going to slow down your GoPro (Hero 7) footage twice) and move your camera really slowly. The reason why you film in 60 FPS is because you are moving your GoPro already very slowly. If you slowed this GoPro footage further down than 2 times it would look boring.

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