How important is Cinematography? What should filmmakers focus on?

How important is Cinematography? What should filmmakers focus on?

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I did a recent project for a tech startup company and I was in way over my head!

Scary as hell!

I thought I was going to blow the clients money and not deliver on their needs until Adam Patch(!) gave me the best advice to get the best DP I can. For my project it was exactly what I needed.

What is the #1 thing your project requires to succeed? Understand that deeply and make everything else secondary, and you’ll be on your way to success with your project!

What is CineSummit?

CineSummit was born out of Aviv’s desire to learn from some of the most talented Cinematographers and Directors around the world to get practical advice on how to reach their level. They cover everything from basic to advanced lighting, from camera movement to visual theory, and everything in between. What began as basic interviews on a blog quickly evolved into a worldwide massive online event called CineSummit.

Aviv take’s pride in making CineSummit as accessible as possible to the filmmaking community around the world. The event will always strive to stay Free. The key to CineSummit is that current filmmaking industry rockstars are the actual teachers!