How to dub a movie, TV show or YouTube video

How to dub a movie, TV show or YouTube video

Discover the secrets of TV and movie dubbing in our new tutorial. Learn how to do a comic voiceover for a YouTube video and build a channel around it. In the next couple of minutes, we’ll show you how to record a dub on your favorite film or TV series at home, which microphone to choose and how to organize your own studio. Enjoy!

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Come across a video you think you can make funnier with a new voiceover? Or do you want to dub a spanish telenovela into english? Then join the legions of voiceover enthusiasts by watching our guidelines on how to turn a room in your house into a recording studio.

1.Choose the right microphone. There are three basic microphone types: usb-microphones, condenser microphones, and dynamic microphones. Each type of microphone has different strengths and weaknesses. We talk about mics in detail in our video.

2.Organize your room. Ideally, you should mount some foam panels in the room where the recording is going to take place. But if that’s not an option for you, just make sure the room has lots of furniture. It will absorb the sound pretty well and you won’t have an echo effect.

3.Assume the correct position when recording a voice. We recommend keeping the distance between mouth and microphone equal to the width of two palms.

Well, now we’ve learnt how to record the sound as professionals, it’s time to look at shooting and editing correctly. These videos should help you:

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