How To Film Automotive Videos | RoyalZProduction

How To Film Automotive Videos | RoyalZProduction

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FINALLY! A fresh behind the scenes Vlog! Felt awesome to finally be back in front of the camera rambling away on a set. This time, we linked up with my buddy Brendan to shoot an automotive cinematic video of his Nissan 350z. I thought I’d pounce on the opportunity of our last nice day of the year where i live in Canada and have @Immagine_44 Vlog a BTS of How I Shoot My Car Videos.

Automotive videography is my roots of video and literally the reason why it all snowballed into shooting video full time. I originally started off with being involved in the car scene at around 16 years old and continued to be involved until i was around the age of 21. I stumbled upon automotive videography by shooting my own car with a GoPro Hero 3, handheld right before my 19th birthday. The more I filmed automotive, the more buzz was created around RoyalZProduction and being ‘that guy’ to film automotive videography in our Province (Saskatchewan). This then snowballed to a 1 million overall viewed YouTube channel to which i used as a resume to sell my work to a marketing company who hired me at age 19 (Strategy Lab Marketing). With Stratlab’, they exposed me to all types of videography; Real estate, corporate, event recap, sponsorship videos, wedding etc etc. During my years at the company i also kept shooting automotive car features and event recaps on the side as well as picked up music videography, which most people know me for on the channel. Once i was exposed to music videography, it became a new genre of video i tapped into and thats when the YouTube channel started to really make some traction. I stuck around at Stratlab’ until Feb. 2019 which i decided to freelance RoyalZProduction all on my own.

It’s been difficult to find the time to shoot passion projects like automotive as freelance has taken a huge chunk of time out of my days but I’m happy that Brendan was able to meet up and let me shoot his Nismo 350z all evening. The video turned out super clean and was a nice breathe of fresh air from the regular videos i shoot!

I have lots of roots tying back to automotive cinematography so being able to Vlog this Behind The Scenes video and really show you guys how i get down on an automotive set, really means a lot to me.

I appreciate everyone who checked out the video and i hope you picked up some tips and tricks that are either relatable to your own automotive feature videos OR to your music videos/corporate videos etc etc. Many of these shots car be used in really any genre of filming if theres a car involved on set!

Brendan’s Nismo 350z Feature Video HERE:

Background Songs & Sound Effects Found HERE at Epidemic Sounds! My FAVOURITE platform for royalty free Music and SoundFX!:


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Owner of Nismo 350z: @Nizmo_Z33
Shot & Edited By RoyalZProduction (@VisualsByRoyalZ)
Behind The Scenes Shot By Hk (@Immagine_44)

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