How To Make A Video 1 (Workshop Promo)

How To Make A Video 1 (Workshop Promo)

Re-uploaded due to a copyright issue:

How to make a video is aimed at those among my lovely subscribers who’ve asked me to set up photography workshops in other parts of the UK and worldwide. BUT there’s still some great video ‘how to’ tips for anyone new to film making.

To get started filming a watchable promotional video you need two things, sound that makes sense and lots of clips which link the audio together. And two things you must not do – wave the camera about pointing it at everything and anything and zooming in and out.

This video is very low tech beginners guide using only a mobile phone, no tripod and some unplanned on the spot voice over of the kind someone starting out would do. It’s purposely non professional so you get to see the importance of shooting clips (even ones that aren’t that great) and editing them together.

We’ll show you more advanced techniques in later films which we’ll be making later in 2013.

I hope this how to make a video helps give you an insight into the basics of filming a promotional video.

Mike Browne

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