How to paint on Water for Paper Marbling and Ebru Art.

How to paint on Water for Paper Marbling and Ebru Art.

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Painting on water is an interesting form of art. We can paint on gel, dense water, or on top of liquid wax.

The marble paper is a paper for decoration, that is created with a special process that we see in the video. The sheets of Ebru paper have been created since the 18th Century in Turkey and much earlier in China and Japan, because China invented paper more early. Today, the marbling paper is used for decoration and for very expensive books. The Ebru paper is also used for the packaging of very expensive luxury goods and gifts.

The traditional marbled paper was invented in Japan and China. The marbling paper often looks like marble stones. For the painting of the marbling paper in Japan. A shallow container was filled with water, and gelatin or starch. In the past, the natural paint was created from boiled water with plants, herbs and bark of the trees. The modern marbling paint can be synthetic paint.

The artwork was painted on the jelly and then copied with the paper on top of the painting. Today, the special Ebru paint is used. No jelly is needed anymore. The modern Ebru paints swim much better on the surface of the water. The Ebru paints are not mixable with water. The Ebru paint can not mix with water or the other colors, because the different Ebru paints have the different density and size of the molecules. The Ebru colors can be painted into ornamental patterns with different techniques. Natural marble patterns are popular. The Ebru paint can stick to the paper. One heavy sheet of paper must be placed on the Ebru paint in the water. The paper is on top of the Ebru paint, and then it is carefully removed. The paint sticks to the paper. The remains of the Ebru paint can be cleaned with water. The Ebru paint combines with the drying paper, after everything is dry.

Paint with light oil can be used. The Ebru paint with oil does allow to create marbling paper without the jelly in the water. However, the results of the Ebru art from Turkey are different, than the historic Japanese water color paintings on the jelly, because the Ebru patterns can have soft and natural mistakes. The traditional Japanese method of painting on the jelly is more different, because the paint can mix on the jelly with other paint. The Turkish oil colors have a specific granular appearance that can look like a digital painting. Water colors can mix and create a natural emotion on the marbling paper from Japan.

Marble paper is a high quality paper product. Each sheet of marbling paper represents a unique art, because the patters can never be repeated. This is why the marbling paper is so popular for the decoration, because every picture looks different. Marble paper was used for book covers in Europe. Today, many marbling paper designs are produced and sold in Venice and Istanbul. In addition to the real marble paper, there are also cheap imitations from regular printers. The best books have the real marble paper with a printed image on top of that expensive marble paper.

Different tools can be used for the creation of Ebru art. Often, sharp tools are used to create dots and lines. Brushes can be used to create large surfaces. Dots of marbling paint are stretched into different shapes. Ebru art about nature is very popular. Flowers and leafs are very common. The geometric patterns of Ebru art are very easy to create. A comb is moved in the water to create any pattern very fast and for cheap. Real paintings of plants and stars are more difficult, but also more beautiful. A controlled movement of the paper can create a specific shape in the special Ebru art. The dark stripes can break through the lines and create a pattern of natural marble stone.

The marbling on top of objects is also very popular. Special paints are used for creating Ebru art on plastic and metals. These patterns are created by the colors on the surface of water or very liquid jelly with starch. Textiles can also be used, instead of paper. The marbling art has been used for many centuries to decorate many surfaces and materials. The marbling paper is often used as a medium for writing of calligraphy, for posters and for books. Each Ebru art has a different pattern and gives a unique character to any object.

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