How To Set Up Your DSLR Camera For A Cinematic Short Film

How To Set Up Your DSLR Camera For A Cinematic Short Film

In this tutorial I will teach you how to set up your camera to get the filmlook you are looking for. You will learn about Frame rates, Picture styles, Depth Of Field and Correct Exposure. These DSLR camera settings and tips should help you to improve your next film/photograph.

In my opinion one of the best entry level DSLR cameras is the Canon 600d/T3i. Even with this “entry level” DSLR it is easy to shoot like a pro. Be sure to get some good lenses as well because the lens is more important than the camera in most ways. It is what the audience sees, it becomes their point of view. It’s nice to have different lenses so that you can vary your shots and keep the film interesting. (some vintage lens review videos below)

But remember, the most important part of a good film is not the camera or the lens, it’s all about a creative camera operator and choice of subject matter. Be original, be creative and be yourself.

This is the Ultimate Introduction to DSLR Filmmaking.

All of the shots I used are from my previous projects and short films.

The one with the Gypsy is a music video that I made for the song:
You’re a Wolf – Sea Wolf

Vintage Lens Reviews:
Mamiya 50mm f/2

Helios 44m-2 58mm f/2

All footage and audio were made completely by me. This is my first voice-over so it isn’t great but I hope you learn something from it.

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