How to set up your new Panasonic GH5 for Filmmaking

How to set up your new Panasonic GH5 for Filmmaking

Griffin explains all the Panasonic GH5 settings filmmakers need to know to optimize their new camera.

Skip to 2:53 for Save/Restore Camera Setting

1:15 How the GH5 menu system works
2:32 Save your settings in Menu Setup Save/Restore Camera Setting
3:53 How to operate the GH5 exterior

4:45 Griffin’s settings
beginning in Creative Video menu—

Menu Creative Video Exposure Mode M
Menu Creative Video SS/Gain Operation ANGLE/ISO
Also explained in the Creative Video menu: Variable Frame Rate (VFR), Synchro Scan, WFM/Vector Scope, and Focus Transition

6:11 Motion Picture menu—
Menu Motion Picture Rec Format MP4 (LPCM) [or MOV]
Menu Motion Picture Continuous AF OFF
Menu Motion Picture Photo Style Natural
Menu Motion Picture Luminance Level 16-235
Menu Motion Picture Mic Level Limiter OFF
Menu Motion Picture Sound Output REC SOUND
Also explained in the Motion Picture menu: Stabilizer, Ex. Tele Conv., Mic Level Adj., HDMI Rec Output

10:58 Custom menu—
Menu Custom ISO Increments ⅓ EV
Menu Custom Extended ISO ON
Menu Custom Shutter AF ON
Menu Custom AF Assist Lamp OFF
Menu Custom Peaking ON
Menu Custom Guideline Rule of Thirds grid
Menu Custom Zebra Pattern 95%
Also explained in the Custom menu: Fn Button Set, Video Button, Highlight

15:10 Setup menu—
Menu Setup Beep Beep Volume (OFF), E-Shutter Vol (OFF)
Menu Setup Live View Mode 30fps
Menu Setup Monitor Luminance 1
Menu Setup Eye Sensor LVF/Monitor Switch MON
Menu Setup System Frequency 59.94Hz (NTSC)
Menu Setup Double Slot Function Relay Rec
Also explained in the Setup menu: Cust. Set Mem., Wi-Fi, Format

19:00 My Menu

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