How to Tell a Story | Filmmaking, Directing & Writing

How to Tell a Story | Filmmaking, Directing & Writing

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How do you tell a story? How do you get from the beginning to the middle to the end effectively and without boring the audience? These questions are essentially the bane of any aspiring filmmaker’s existence, and as an aspiring filmmaker myself, I wanted to delve into the creation of compelling characters and plots to figure out how exactly someone can tell a compelling story.

There’s obviously millions of techniques to use when telling a story, so I’m only gonna be touching on the very basics in this video. But if I get enough support, I might continue this as a series and talk about more intermediate topics like visual storytelling, camera angles, and lighting. I’ve spent a lot of time researching for this video and I can definitely say I’ve learned a lot about storytelling in general, so please enjoy the video and beware spoilers!

In this video, I discuss the creation of compelling protagonists, antagonists, and secondary characters; I also talk about the three-act story structure, the heroes journey, and dynamic and flat character arcs.

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