How to Tell a Story in English – Using Past Tense

How to Tell a Story in English – Using Past Tense

In this lesson, you can learn how to tell a story in English.
Stories are powerful. When you meet someone new, go to a job interview or take a speaking exam like IELTS, you need to tell stories, whether you realise that’s what you’re doing or not. Don’t forget to write your story in the comments and we will give you feedback!

Becoming a better storyteller will make you a more convincing speaker. People are attracted to good stories—it’s a fundamental part of being human. Learning how to tell better stories in English can help you become a more effective English speaker, and a better communicator generally.

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1. Setting the Scene: How to Start Your Story 1:46
2. Set a Goal in Your Story 4:48
3. Adding Tension to Your Story 7:39
4. How to Finish Your Story 11:21

This lesson will help you:

– Learn the best ways to start a story in English.
– Understand how to set a goal for your English story.
– Add tension and make your story more interesting.
– Learn useful ways to end your story in English.
– Put everything together so you can tell a great story in English.

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