How to Weave Rope Bed – चारपाई (खाट) कैसे भरें – STEP BY STEP – Easyway

How to Weave Rope Bed – चारपाई (खाट) कैसे भरें – STEP BY STEP – Easyway

How to Weave Rope Bed – चारपाई (खाट) कैसे भरें – STEP BY STEP – Easy way: A Women expertly weaves a charpai bed, also known as a charpoy, charpaya, or manji-style bed, around a metal bed frame. it shows creation of a simple diagonal pattern with a flat belt material, however, the beds can also be tightly woven with rope around wood frames in a variety of colorful designs. According to The Spruce, they are traditional in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

This video contains information about the making of a charpoy. This is a kind of bed or cot often seen in the rural villages of India and in Pakistan. The bed is also called a charpai, a manja, a manjaa, a manji or a khartiya. There are other names for the beds. The bed frame traditionally was made of wood and it has four legs. The part of the bed you sleep on is made of rope that is woven. Modern day Charpoy are made of many different types natural and synthetic materials.

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