How we do storytelling for real estate listings. Behind the scenes!

How we do storytelling for real estate listings. Behind the scenes!

This Behind the Scenes episode covers storytelling for real estate listings. We explain how we optimize our creative process to tell the story of any home.

Adam from Insignia Studios walks you through their process for creating custom video content for real estate listings. He describes the cinematography techniques they use, some video editing tactics, and how planning is the key that brings the whole production to the next level. We are very experienced creators in the real estate space and pride ourselves on making unique, nuanced content with emphasis on storytelling.

Realtors know that a strong marketing effort must include digital media in 2020. Video solutions for real estate listings have unique requirements that must be met in order for the storytelling to be done correctly. The key to making content that resonates with people is a deep consideration for what the viewer will observe, think, and feel as they consume video content. If the story is engaging, people will watch.

Insignia Studios helps all real estate businesses and professionals produce content that gets people’s attention.

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