iMovie on iPhone iOS FULL tutorial

iMovie on iPhone iOS FULL tutorial

I know what your thinking- “Is he seriously saying that we can get decent results putting together edited pieces from a cellphone?”
Well heres a video I shot entirely with the iPhone 6+ and was put together and edited by Kenneth Kornacki of Kenko here in Milwaukee, WI

Heres a tutorial I put together covering all the features in iMovie on iOS.

If you’re like me chances are you are always taking photos of videos of different things/events/ people for script/story ideas. maybe you like the way a certain street is laid out or the light is hitting through a stained glass window. Whatever the situation, chances are you are not always carrying a whole film rig with you, but instead carrying a cellphone.

Topics included in this tutorial:

0:36 Launching iMovie on iPhone
2:21 Creating a trailer
2:58 Editing a trailer
6:47Creating a project
Choosing a theme –
OF iMOVIE 🙁 ***
7:00 Importing media
8:00 Selecting clip ranges
10:17 Changing transitions
12:32 Change Clip speed
14:15 Trimming clips
14:37 Delete a clip
14:52 Separate Audio from clip/edit audio
15:12 Adding Titles
16:38 Adding Color filters
17:06 Adding an audio track
18:21 Fading audio
18:42 Fade in and Fade Out video
19:40 Exporting
20:15 Recording a VoiceOver
22:30 Sending iMovie iOS to OSX

Heres the completed videos I made in this quick demo.

Here are some sample videos I put together using only my iphone while traveling to Thailand.

Bonus tip!

Are you using a camera that can “send to smartphone?”

On my a7s I have a feature where I can send proxy video and photos from my sony a7s to my iPhone. What this means is that I can shoot on my main camera and still put together an edit- while on a plane or bus or wherever and then once I get back to my main editing station replace all my proxy versions with full resolution and continue to put things together.

Or another situation is you may be working with another editor somewhere else in the world and you can start editing or putting selects of clips together while you send them the original media or drives etc.

Final thoughts-

As I mentioned at the start, an iMovie project isn’t going to win you any oscars for its amazing feature set, nor is the iPhone (currently) currently capable of replacing production cameras in studios, but being able to put stories together with audio mixing, titles, footage from other cameras from a device in your pocket? It’s something I’m using more and more of.

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